SPD Technology is an IT company with Ukrainian roots that develops software products and IT consulting. A team of over 600 professionals develops web, mobile, AI/ML and enterprise solutions for world-renowned companies and emerging startups.


Plexteq is a software engineering company with focus on Java. They provide customers with professional consulting and end-to-end software engineering services primarily in the SaaS domain. Their clients are mainly from US, Canada, EU, and UK. The primary expertise is about development of enterprise, highly loaded applications, mobile and web-applications.

The Keys to Developer Productivity: Collaborate and Innovate

The Java language evolutions and pivots are possible due to collaboration and innovation in the Java community ecosystem. And as a result, the Java innovation pipeline is stronger than it has ever been, and the collaboration is higher than ever before. A new release of Java, Java SE 21, came out in September, and so […]

Max Tymchii

Max is a Co-Founder at TechToloka and iOS Team Lead/Delivery Manager at Jetbeep.A dynamic force in the tech industry, Max Tymchii wears multiple hats, serving as Co-Founder at TechToloka and holding key roles at Jetbeep. With over 12 years of hands-on experience in iOS development, he brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. […]

Mykola Cherkas

Mykola Cherkas is an Engineering Manager in SPD Technology who is passioned on building effective teams and consulting business on technical topics. He has more then decade experience in software development on engineering and leadership positions in banking, e-commerce and financial data domains. He was leading and helped to grow and mature various development, support, […]

ChatGPT meets Java: A Java developer’s secret to accelerated coding

This talk is more than just an introduction, it’s a deep dive into practical strategies that can maximize your value from ChatGPT usage as your coding companion. Discover how the cutting-edge capabilities of ChatGPT can be harnessed to enhance Java development, offering a seamless blend of traditional programming with AI-driven innovation.

“I’m a Senior. What’s next?”

⁃ Trap of senior software engineer ⁃ Where to grow? (principal, tech lead, team Lead, manager, architect) ⁃ Staff Engineer, why is it so interesting? ⁃ How to build personal goals (why SMART doesn’t work and how to build effective personal strategical goals (custom\personal framework for 3-level goals learn-practice-share) ⁃ Trust, reputation and visibility – […]

Faster, greener, and happier- why Quarkus should be your next tech stack

In this talk, Holly will introduce Quarkus and then delve into some of the advanced features you might not know about. She’ll cover native binaries, what makes Quarkus super-fast running on the JVM, TDD with Quarkus, and Quarkus’s carbon footprint. The talk includes some theory (what underpins Quarkus’s surprising speed?) and also live demos (does […]

Java 11–21 Evolution

Java has been a powerful and widely used programming language for over two decades. Java has transformed the software development landscape and remains dominant in modern software development. With every year seeing new young pretenders to the crown emerge, is Java still relevant and worth learning in 2023? We will look at Java’s evolution and […]

Hybrid Cloud Applications Built with Pure Openness

Come to this session to learn the how! This session will prepare you to achieve your goal by introducing key open source technologies like Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. We’ll investigate how these technologies can be integrated with cloud native infrastructure including Knative and developer environments to enable a rapid application development without vendor […]

Emily Jiang

Emily Jiang is a Java Champion. She is Liberty Microservices Architect and Advocate, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) in IBM, based at Hursley Lab in the UK. Emily is MicroProfile guru and has been working on MicroProfile since 2016 and leads the specifications of MicroProfile Config, Fault Tolerance and Service Mesh. She is CDI Expert […]

Holly Cummins

Holly Cummins is a Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Red Hat Quarkus team and a Java Champion. Over her career, Holly has been a full-stack javascript developer, a WebSphere Liberty build architect, a client-facing consultant, a JVM performance engineer, and an innovation leader. Holly has used the power of cloud to understand climate risks, […]

Mohamed Taman

Mohamed is a Senior Solutions and Consultant Architect, a CEO @SiriusXI, and works on various Industry projects. A frequent software consultant with 20+ years of experience in Software development/management, especially in Java and its ecosystems. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering, a major in Electrical Engineering in 2005, & Computer/Automatic Control Diploma from […]

Mikalai Alimenkou

Experienced Java Tech Lead, Delivery Manager, consultant, and coach. Having almost 20 years of development experience, Mikalai is a seasoned expert in Java development, complex distributed systems, cloud-native architecture, Agile engineering practices, and organizational transformations. Active participant and speaker at many international conferences. Founder and independent consultant at XP Injection. Organizer and founder of Selenium […]

Heather VanCura

Heather VanCura is a Vice President, Community Engagement at Oracle, leading the Java Community Process (JCP) program and MySQL Community Outreach team. With 20+ years of experience at Oracle and Sun Microsystems, she actively engages with the developer community as an international speaker, event organizer, and mentor. She has visited six continents and over fifty […]

Josh Long

Josh (@starbuxman) has been the first Spring Developer Advocate since 2010. Josh is a Java Champion, author of 7 books (including “Reactive Spring”) and numerous best-selling video training (including “Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons” with Spring Boot co-founder Phil Webb), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Axon, Spring Cloud, Activiti, Vaadin, etc), […]

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